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4 day Pantanal

Thursday ´till Sunday

sunny 33 °C
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Day 1) In the morning I went in a van to the Pantanal. I met two Dutch but they stayed in another lodge. Just before dinner I arrived in the lodge and the owner showed me around... Swimming pool, volleyball field, pool tables, TV and a piano... what! a piano! Of all places in Brazil, you find a piano in the middle of freaking nowhere, the Pantanal. But I was the happiest lad of the day.

I met a couple from Amsterdam and a Belgium guy. Had a nice night with some beers.

Day 2) Early in the morning it was still dark when I went to see some birds at sunrise. That was awesome. The view is amazing, and when 5 big blue parrots are flying right for the rising sun, you can feel a rush of excitement. After breakie the tour started with a boat trip. We saw lots of birds including parrots and cacatoes. Alligators, really big guinnypigs (dont know the name anymore), and a varaan. Excited we were back in the lodge where we had lunch and it was time for a safari on truck and hiking. Many more animals were seen, again lots of birds and more of the same big animals. However it´s nice to see nice things twice. After sunset we were still driving to see the fireflies (whole fields of ´em) and the aligators in the lake. The driver had a spotlight and all the eyes lit up, hundreds maybe more than 500 eyes were in the lake...

Day 3) Again we went to see the sunrise, I told more people about the nice view, so this time it was also `gezellig´ (no translation). In the morning we did horsebackriding. Really exciting to ride through the Pantanal on a horse. You dont see any animals but in gallop trough the fields is owesome. The afternoon was filled with Piranja fishing. I cought 5 this time and not only piranjas, there were also some catfish in between. For dinner we ate ´em all... It was the last night so we drunk a bit more than usual, and with more people, a Denish girl, a couple from Slowaky and a just-married-Rio de Janeiro-couple.

Day 4) No sunrise today, we did the boattrip again, but no new animals seen. However, I could make a more close-up photo of a kingfisher. In the afternoon we had to leave the lodge to go back to Campo Grande again. Best time so far! Pantanal is good stuff!

ps. How many musquito bites do you think I got in those last 4 days? ... more than 716... still the Pantanal is good stuff!

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To Campo Grande

Wednesday and thursday

sunny 32 °C
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Actually, when we were back in the hostel, I had to stay awake ´cause my plane left at 3 in the morning. Went to the airport at 1 by cab and waited, waited more... I had to change flight in Brasilia to Campo Grande where I arrived in the early afternoon. Normally I would drop my stuff and go into town, however, I got a nasty jungle bacteria in my belly and spended the afternoon in bed and the toilet. At 7 o´clock, I got patatoes, carrots and onions which combined in a pan to what we call `hutspot`, good stuff... Hopefully my belly liked that since I wanted to go to the Pantanal the next day. And it did... not. I spend another day in Campo Grande to recover fully. Saw the city and went to the shopping centre for some nice t-shirts. At night there was a party, during the day it was a place were tractors were sold, in the afternoon there was a rodeo and at night it was party time. So a guy from the hostel and me were dancing there and had fun with some local girls. I felt better anyway.

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3 day jungle hike (cliffhanger)

sunday ´till tuesday

sunny 30 °C
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We had to meet with the tourguide at 8. Yesterday he said we would be leaving early in the morning... But, it´s Brasil and around 11 we finally went to the boat. The first place to see was a lake with huge waterlillies. The leafs of this waterlilly could carry a human baby and were about 1,5 to 2 meters in diameter. We went to the lodge dumped our stuff and went to see the area by canoe. Huge rivers again and in a small side river we went Piranja fishing. I cought none... As the sun went down the swallows went to sleep on an island. This is an incredible view. The boat lied in front of the island and about a 100 000 birds came down from the sky, swooped over our boat to land somewhere in a bush or tree. In the evening we had dinner with rice and beans whereafter I went to sleep to wake up early the next day.

At 5 everybody woke up to pack our stuff to make a long hike. We saw an anteter, a tirantula spider, tracks of a Puma, snakes, monkeys, kakatoes, parrots, and many more beautiful birds. The guide was really good as he explained almost everything we saw. He showed us how to climb a palmtree, so everybody tried. Only Boris and me could climb more than a few feet. And he showed how to attract animals. A palmleaf stiking over his knife made a sound that is comparable with the sound of a bird in need. As the other animals hear that they will come over to have a look. In this way you dont have to find the animals, they will find you. And if you were an indian, you shoot with a poisonous arrow and have dinner.

After lunch in the lodge we prepaired for a night in the jungle. Around 3 we found a nice place. Placed some big branches for the hommocks, made a fire and sang songs untill dinner was ready. The guide made a whole chicken on a stick and rice in a pan. We ate from leafs and had selfmade spoons made out of a branch.

During the night we heard the most weird sounds of monkeys, birds, insects and probably a whole bunch of other night animals... CRACK-BOOM! In the middle of the night everybody woke up scared. We all heard a loud cracking noice and a big smash. We checked it out and apparently an old big tree broke in two and came down 4 meters away from the canoe. Being amazed that the tree didn´t hit anything we went to sleep again.

In the morning it soon was time to pack everything to see some more animals and go back to the lodge. This time we saw dolphins, more monkeys and again a snake. The guide tried to catch the snake and he did, but the snake went into the boat. Little panic in the boat as he swam around in the boat. I was too late and it bit my ankle. In pain we went back to the lodge as fast as posible were bandage and painkillers waited for me. Luckily for me it was no poisones snake. A couple hours later I was back in the hostel were a docter came to have a look and he told me I would be all right. So I´ll have a scar that lets me remember this unfaithfull day.

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On our way to Manaus


sunny 30 °C
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In the early morning we went to the airport. First we had to take a normal bus to Santarem, but from there we felt a bit rebalious and took a motor-taxi to the airport, with backpacks... That was - off course - exciting. However, we arrived way more early at the airport as expected and we had to wait untill 15 o'clock, it was 11... Reading, music, lunch, more reading and music...

We flew over the Amazone! The view was a beauty. An hour later we arrived in Manaus, I bought my ticket to Campo Grande for the 1st of april, and we went to the hostel. Funny enough we met some people again we met earlier in Pipa and Jeri. We thought it would be nice to eat nice for once again, so we went to a BBQ restaunt, paid 5 times more than we usualy do, but we could eat the nicest food, brocolli, appel salads and the best meat from the BBQ. Tomorrow I'm leaving for a 3 day hike in the forest.

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Flooded forest


semi-overcast 29 °C

We had one more full day in Alter do Cão. We searched for something to do and found a guy that could take us to a flooded forest. So we went there and saw amazing stuff.. Complete palmtrees under water, weird water bugs, parrots and monkeys! Before we headed back we had lunch in a really nice family restaurant. And in the afternoon we went on a unorganized hike up a hill to see an overview of the area. Took some time on top to enjoy te view and went back. The evening was there to relax, the lsat couple of days were intensive but really nice.

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