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Sightseeing in Sao Paulo

Wed 18 Feb

sunny 29 °C
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Carlos had his third and last appointment for a room. This room was the most beautiful and so he took it. Ater that we went to Parque de Luz where we found a lot of tropical plants, trees and bees.
After a while in the park we went to the art musuem ´Pinacoteca´. We saw Brazillian art troughout the ages. Beautiful paintings from the 18th century and weird new age art from yesterday.

There was a nice trainstation next to the musuem so we went there to see the building and we got sick of walking (we did nothing else the last couple of days). So, we went home. The bus we had to take was in a traffic jam and so it was already time for dinner. We ordered pizza´s, but not just ordinary pizza... No, Brazilian pizza wich is like 3 times thicker than we have in the Netherlands. Very nice! After dinner we went to the uni again to party with the band ´Rockeria´ who played beatle-rock and rock-and-roll.
We swung the night away

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Sightseeing in Sao Paulo

Di 17 Feb

sunny 29 °C
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Carlos is searching for a room in Sao Paulo and so we went to see one in the morning. Ater a while we went to a restaurant to eat pastel, lovely stuff with hot pepperoil
one drip is already burning your tongue away.

In the city there is a big bank building wich you can climb. However, the elevator was broken so we had to come back another time. We did see the nice lobby though.

Sau Paulo was found in 1556 and the very first building is still there (after rebuilding it a couple of times of course).
And so we went there to see the musuem about it. A couple of priest came and converted everybody to a christian, and they managed to do that quite well. Here I ate this delicious appel-custard cake and we went on to do some more sight seeing in the very city center ´Sé´. We saw the cathedral and the missery of many many homeless people.

Carlos had a second appointment for a room and I had promised to cook this evening. I wanted to make something typical Dutch, however, in Brazil there aren´t that many Dutch groceries. So I improvized and still, everybody was happy.

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First full day

Sight seeing in Sao Paulo

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As I woke up, the first thing I saw was the view from the 15th floor of the hotel. Buildings, buildings and more of those everywhere you could look.

We walked Av. Paulista, the main street of Sao Paulo, from beginning to the end. Gigantic buildings where a lot of bussinessmen do their job everyday. We walked further into the city center where we found a lot of markets. Just like the black market in Beverwijk, but a lot of times bigger. People were selling fruits, drinks, clothing, electronics and much more like jewelery, furnature, toys etc. It was a busy place as you can see on the photo below.

We did some more sight seeing, had dinner and took the metro back to the hotel to get our bags. Carlos has a friend (Paula) in Sao Paulo and we were invited to stay for the week. Together with P.H. and Karina we went to a party at the university of Sao Paulo. It was a celebration of the new study year.

Overall, I was totally impressed by the sight seeing in Sao Paulo, the food is delicious and the people are very kind, however, I saw some bad things. Many homeless people, even a pregnant woman with a kid was begging at a corner of Av. Paulista. The people at the market place were really struggeling for every penny they could earn and in the late afternoon you would see them carrying big boxxes filled with their trading goods. Working at Puur isn´t as tough as you might tink.

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The trip

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Sunday morning, 1 am. I wake up... fall back asleep; 2 am, wake up; 3 oclock again... until it´s finaly 4:45, time to get up en put the coffee machine on. I wake Vince and Joanie, drink the coffee with them and get to the car. At the airport my stomach has turned around from excitement and at 8:10 the plane taxies to the startlane. My pulse goes up and I can almost jell when we lift off. Freaking hell that is cool. Within 10 seconds the only thing I can see is white clouds...

After Paris the clouds clear away and some minutes later I can see the Pyreneees with the Mediteranian sea on the background.

In Madrid, I had to take a metro to the other side of the airport where I boarded the plane to Sao Paulo. It was going to be a long trip, almost 12 hours. And it was a long trip, longer as I had expected. Ocean, ocean and... more ocean, like it would never end. When I first saw the land of Brazil, I thought `were allmost there`, I was wrong. We still had to fly for another 4 hours. I wanted to get some sleep, so I ordered a wine, I got a Coke, what ment no sleep for me.

Finally touchdown at 19:10 local time, check in at the douane and Carlos was allready waiting for me. We took the bus and metro to the hotel where we dropped our stuff and went in town to get some food and see the block.

As we were both tired we went to dreamland early... What a day but very glad I got here.

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Hi lovely People,

The 15th of february, that will be the day that I´ll be on the airplane to Madrid. Then after 6 hours, i´ll continue...

... To Sao Paulo Brazil! I´ll meet an old friend Carlos who will guide me around Sao Paulo for the first two weeks or so. We´ll celebrate carnaval, do a lot of sight seeing and taste the culture.

Right now I´m fully prepped, got my passport, money, ticket, backpack, insurence etc. There is only one thing that is allmost complete, my courage. Gheghe, I´ll finish that on the way in the airplane. So, this first entry is to say goodbye to all who are going to miss me.

Take care! Até Logo, Rick

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