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Surfing on Morro do S.P.

za 28 feb

sunny 35 °C
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On the island there were a couple of courses you could follow, and surfing was one of them. I always wanted to surf so I did. First I learned some basics of the beach but not so long after this we were in the sea trying to stand on the board while riding a wave. I fel, and I fel, and I fel another time. But, the very last wave I was on the board for about 2 seconds. This seems short but it felt very long. I was proud :) However, after the two seconds I fel and my toe met a rock, and the rock said hello. Now my toe was bleeding and I got out of the water. (Mom it´s not so bad, as I write this, it´s almost healed and I got Betadine).

In the evening I went to the dancing rock again. The friends of yesterday left today, so I had to make some new friends and I did. This time it was a paradise romance...

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On my way to Morro do S.P.

vr 27 feb

sunny 35 °C
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Pfff, 4:30 am and my alarm rings. Take a shower, drink coffee and get into the cab to the airport. In Salvador I took a minibus to Praca da Se, where the boat would bring me to the Paradise Island Morro do Sao Paulo. The boat wouldn´t leave for another 1,5 hours so I took the time for a nap.

The sea was rough, as many passengers became seasick. But after some 2 hours we arrived at the dock of Morro. The inhabitants were very nice as they carried all bags to everybodies hotel or hostel, over the many hills of the island. My hostel was of top of one hill and I paid about 90 euros to be in paradise for 4 days! In the evening I had some dinner and I heared some dance music from the beach. Actually on a high rock, there was this dancing with a view of the sunset and this palm tree. That made me really happy. As I drunk my caprinha I met some friends and had a night full of fun.

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Rio city-tour

do 26 feb

sunny 34 °C
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In the morning I planned where to go after Rio. So, I checked by travellers bible, lonely planet, and I decided to go to Salvador, or near Salvador. As I read my bible, I read about Morro do Sao Paulo. Has nothing to do with Sao Paulo, but it´s a nice island. So I booked the hostel and the flight to Salvador. However, the week start with sunday here and as sexta-feira (friday) and sabato (saturday) both begin with a ´s´, I made the mistake to book the flight on friday instead of saturday. So, one day less in Rio, but I had this city-tour today and could see the whole city afterall.

We went to Cisto Redentor, the beaches Ipanema and Cassablanca, a bit of one favalla, samba drum school, the cathedral and Pao d´Acucre. We had a nice group of people, Australia, Germany, England, Ireland, Switserland, Argentinia and Chili. After the day I was tired and my plane would leave at 6:45 the next day, so time to sleep.

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Rio and scoccer

Wo 25 feb

sunny 31 °C
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First ting in the morning, coffee... had a bit of a headacke because of the carnaval last night. I went outside to see the surroundings of the hostel. First I went to the beach, saw the scoccer stadium of Club Botofogo, went to the mall and saw the church. Nice. Back in the hostel I heard about the semi-finals of the Rio league and Botafogo was playing against Flamengo in the biggest stadium of Brazil! So, I went to get a ticket and paid only R$30 - about 10 euros - and in the evening I went to the game.

In the metro is was allready crowded with suppoters, I only needed to follow them to find the stadium.
Big stadium indeed (l) and Flamengo powder (r).

As the players of Flamengo entered the field, all the Flamengo supporters trew a bag with magnesium powder and that formed a big cloud that flew over the field in the direction of the Botafogo supporters, like a ghost. That was indeed impressive. However, the Botafogo supporters answered that with loud singing and drums. Exciting game, especially the last 4 minutes. As Botafogo had 1 score and flamingo none, flamingo tried really hard to get the even score... they didn´t. Botafogo went to the finals!

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Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro!

Di 24 feb

sunny 30 °C
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Today I had to say goodbye to Carlos, Carlos' parents and all the friends I made in Rio Preto. Sad, however! I went to Rio de Janeiro what was really exciting. I arrived in Rio at 17 o'clock, took a taxi to the hostel, and about two hours later I was on the street cellebrating carnaval.
It was a total crazyhouse, 2 year olds, 80 year olds, complete families were dancing, dinking and having a good time. In the beginning I was with a Canadian guy, but real soon I met a whole bunch of people from Rio. They learned me how to play the little drum, couldn't do that so well since a 6 year old could play it better. They tried to learn me to dance the samba, total failure again... I got the hat as a present and we traided our shirts. Overall, I had a great time and around midnight I took the taxi back to the hostel.

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