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The one day hike


sunny 35 °C
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Today I wanted to go for a tree day hike. However, as we were drinking beer at the square and not booking the hike last night, we were a bit too late. So I went with the US/Canadian girls and an Aussie couple on a one day hike. We went to see the entrance of the valley, went up the first hill of the valley to have a enormous view over the valley, and we saw some caves. (Vince, the caves in france were actually better, gheghe). I think you actually couldn´t call this a real hike as we walked only 2 hours during the whole day, but we saw real beautifull nature. Also we saw these monkeys with infant monkeys (not in picture), a colibrie, big birds and some big a** insects.

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First Lençois day


sunny 35 °C
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Today, some of the Dutch were allready hiking in the national park ´Chapada Diamantina ´. I felt more like taking it easy today as some Canadian/US girls also did. So, I went with Alia (Can), Betsy and Megan (US) to this waterslide waterfall... Swimming around in the pool, hang around on some rocks and slide from the waterslide rock. It was fun.
We had dinner in the hostel. As much food as you like for 4 euro´s. And went for a beer on the main square of the town.

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Salvador and away


sunny 35 °C
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I felt way better in the morning. I met Salvador as a stinking city with annoying people so as I had nothing to do until the afternoon, I went to search the nice places of the city. I found them. However the people stayed as annoying as ever, trying to make money from everything and anything. The buildings were nice and the streets were decorated as if they were from the middle ages.
Around three o´clock I had to leave to catch my bus to Lençois. A little town (7.000 inh.) with a great national park next to it. In the bus I found the very first Dutch people I´d encountered since I left Holland. 6 hours later we were in Lençois. Outside the bus there were a hand full of people waiting for us. They would try to get us to their hostel. As I saw some small groups and one big, I followed the big group, hoping it would also be the best hostel...

... It actually was. Best hostel so far. Cheap, with loads of breakfast food, nice english speaking people and some hammocks. I drunk a beer to get to know the Dutch and that was it for the day.

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Taking it easy

Ma 2 mrt

sunny 32 °C
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In the morning 11:00 I took the boat back to Salvador. Had eaten something bad and my stomach was a bit of a itch. This time the boat trip wasn´t that funny.
So I arrived in Salvador with my Lonely Planet in my hands showing the map of Salvador. However, this guy came to me and said that he´d show me the hotel I was looking for. It was only 200 meters further. We arrived at the hotel and I thanked him. He said `now you give money because I show hotel´ as I replied `haha, I thought you were just a nice guy` and I walked in the hotel. My Lonely planet allready warned me for that scam...

I spend the rest of the day in an internet cafe and in my room as I didn´t feel too good. On the other side`juressic park´ is allmost finished...

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Hiking on Morro do S.P.

zo 1 maart

sunny 35 °C
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My arm muscles were exhausted by the surving of yesterday so I used my legs today. I went hiking to see some beautyfull places and I saw a lot.
However, hiking with 35 degrees is hard and I came back to the hostel to rest in my ´hangmat´ for the rest of the afternoon. I became so lazy that I did only a beachwalk in the evening and I went to the hostel to prepair the trip back to Salvador. Got the boat ticket, packed my bag and went to sleep...

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