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On my way to Pipa


sunny 35 °C
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Diving was the only thing I wanted to do in Maragogi, so I left at 6 in the morning to Pipa..

In the late afternoon I arrived in my hostel, dropped my stuff and went into town. I met two Danish guys and a crazy fisherman. The fisherman gave us a realy funny free real life commedy show. After dinner I went to a pub with a Brazilian guy, he didnt speak English (not one word) so he just talked in Portuguese, and he talked a lot. The more beers we drunk, the more I could understand. But that was probably due to the fact that the level of conversation dropped withevery beer we drunk. We ended up with English speaking girls from Argentinia. Pipa started off with lots of laughter.

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Diving in Maragogi


sunny 34 °C
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6 km off shore of Maragogi there is a coral reef with loads of beautiful fish. This was also the only reason why I went to Maragogi. So I booked a boat and a dive instructor and at 9 o´clock I sat on a boat wearing loads of sunscreen. I dove with the instructor for almost half an hour and I saw lots of amazing fish and seastars. after the diving I went snorkling and found a nice shell, however, I´m kinda clumbsy sometimes and I broke the shell later.

In the afternoon I went into town, had some lunch, saw the beach, lay down there for a while, dinner, beer and sleep. The next day I wanted to take the bus with the end destination Pipa.

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On my way to Maragogi

monday and tuesday

sunny 33 °C
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In the morning I packed my stuff and at 13:15 my bus left from Lençois to Salvador. This time saying goodby was a bit harder since I had the best time so far here in Lençois during my trip. But everything has an ending and this is allready too sentimental. In the bus I met Claudia from Swiss and we listened to Brazilian music on her Ipod. In Savador she left and my first 6 of the 20 hours-during bus trip was done. Had dinner at Maccie D´s and at 22 hours my bus left from Salvador to Maceio. 10 hours later, my neck was bended wrong from the sleeping in a chear, but I got out alive. Only 4 hours of bus riding left to Maragogi. This was a nice trip during daylight in a beautyful nature setting. Little mountains and countryside rivers. Then in the end I began to see palmtrees and a turqoise ocean... I was in Maragogi!
Lençois > Salvador ... Salvador > Maragogi

I wasn´t as touristic as I´d expected. On the one hand it´s nice, but it would be harder to meet new people and I left so many behind in Lençois. I booked my hostel with swimmingpool and went into town for a drink and some dinner. One funny guy from sweeden allready had enough vodka red bull and began to talk to me. Afterall it´s always easy to meet new people...

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Get some rest, again...


sunny 35 °C
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I wanted to get some rest, especially in the morning by sleeping until I woke up. However, this Dutch kid (3) got a recorder (blokfluit) at 8 o´clock in the morning... Baddest combo: hangover and a 3 year old with a recorder. The only thing I did during the day was buying my bus ticket to salvador for the next day and hanging in the hammock finally ending ´Juresic Park´.

In the evening, when I was feeling a bit better, we went into town because there was a Capoeira play. These guys were freaking fast and bendy. Walking on hands, bending backs horizontally, and more amazing stuff. On one square meter they swung their legs over each others heads.
These guys would hold this position for some seconds!

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the two day hike

friday and saturday

sunny 35 °C
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Today was going to be exciting. We went hiking, without a car, for two days and we would sleep under a rock near a waterfall... Two english girls came along and the guides were two afro-rasta men and a rasta girl... Nice!

The very first mountain we had to walk was immediately the hardest one. Freaking steep hills what ment resting and drinking every 5 - 10 minutes for 1,5 hour. But, we made it and only that was allready rewarding. We went to see a waterfall and had lunch there. After lunch we spotted this rat-snake.
In the afternoon we went to a second waterfall, this time a broad one, and set up camp there. Camp would mean, rolled out our mats and sleeping bags... We swam around played some simple games like, what do you see in that cloud and the dilemma game. But it was fun. The rasta-girl made a 6 person dinner on a selfmade fire including; rice, pancaces, stoganoff, vegetables and cous-cous. Amazing.
As it became dark and cold after 19 o´clock we closed our eyes, we´d wake up at 6 am. as the sun would rise above the mountain. Nice view from under the rock, a red/yellow sky had a big contrast to the mountain in font of us. We packed our stuff and went to see the third and last waterfall. This time we had to climb vertical mountainwalls, crouch through little gaps and swim to actually get to the waterfall. We saw some amazing birds and I was allmost picked by a black wasp. If it did pick me, i´d be having a fever within an hour, so I was lucky.

This waterfall was AMAZING! It was a half round single drop waterfall of about a hundred meters high. And we got to swim under it! We went back, found some snake skin, had lunch and finally got back to town.

In the night there was a big party since the owner of the hostel celebrated her birthday. We drunk wine and coke (strangest combination, especially when it is with Brazilian wine), caprinha´s and beers. At 5 o´clock I finally found my bed.

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