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Less rainy bugyride


rain 27 °C

Accompanied by four other people (2 london, Rotterdam, Jerusalem) we went on a buggy ride trouhout the area of Jeri. The nature contains loads of big dunes and little lakes with green nature around the lakes.. It was like we were in the dessert with a lot of lakes and palmtrees. The buggy ride was exciting, 80 km/h over the beach with rain in your face. Lunch was chill, hammocks in the water and a plate full of scrimps. And the afternoon was even more exciting as we did sandboarding.

In the evening I promised to make ´hutspot´ with meatballs what tasted quite like hutspot as I know it in Holland. Everybody made the hole on top for the gravy, so it ended up as a traditional dutch evening, nice.

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Rainy Jeri


rain 27 °C
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As I woke up I heard this strnage sound I hadnt heard in weeks. Rain? Yes, rain. Big drops of tropical rain were smashing everywhere. So, nothing left to do but to read a book. In the afternoon the rain finaly stopped and I went to the beach to see the surroundings of Jeri.

As everybody was in the hostel this morning becaus of the rain. Everybody met each other quite well and we had dinner with everybody. Spended the evening in the hostel as it was raining again.

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Fortaleza - Jeri


sunny 33 °C
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Damn, we had broken backs when we arrived in Fortaleza. The bus was cold (airco) and the seats were rubbish. But we made it alive and thats the important part. We had to wait for a stunning 4,5 hours for the bus to Jeri. But after a couple of games of ´I see, I see what you don´t see´, ´31´ and ´pesten´ the bus fiunaly came to pick us up. In a nearby town we had to change to a 4-wheel dive bus. The road to Jeri was over sandy roads and the beach. And if you want to see the strange view of cows on the beach, go to Jeri. We had heard about this amazing hostel, and indeed it was. We had dinner and went to sleep quickly.

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The dolfin scam


sunny 34 °C
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We were told that, if you came early, you could swim with dolfins... However, Ifat and me were on the beach rather early but we didnt see any dolfins... Maybe too late allready. A well, we had splended time on the beach and went for some açai - ice like substance with fruits and crunchy stuff - into town.

In the afternoon I met with the Argentian girls of day one, and a guy from Amsterdam. We spended the afternoon with beach tennis and swimming.

Ifat was on her way to Jericaocaora and I wanted to head north too, soo we left this night to the bus to fortaleza.

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Beach park


sunny 35 °C
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In pipa there is a little park with monkeys, turtles and many more creatures. So, I went there to see it. Paid R$5,- (is nothing) and went on my way. As I was alone I could walk silently and also see some birds. I met a creapy insect with a hundred feet, saw some turtles and fed coconut to the little monkeys.

It was lunchtime allready, so I ate and went back to the hostel. Chilled out in the hostel for the rest of the afternoon in my hammock. Then Ifat, an Israelish girl, came to the hostel. She was travelling alone like me and she searched for someone to have dinner with, done. We spended the rest of the evening in a bar accompanied by beers.

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