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Into the wild

wednesday and thursday

rain 28 °C

At 11 we took a canoe to a little town at the riverside of the national park ´Flona do Tapajós´. A big family celebrate life here in humble clay houses. We met the family and toured trough the village and factory. In town there were a lot of latex-trees. They collected the latex and made all kinds of products with it. Slippers (flip-flops), bags, balls and more. Many people worked in the latex business, however the whole family couldn´t depend on it totally. So they held chickens for meat or the men went into the forest to kill a Armadillo/up the river to fish for fish. Other food was basic, rice, beans and banana´s from the forest.

The night was more spectacular as we went for crokodile hunting! We sat in a canoe, with flashlights and searched for two bright eyes on a background of the dark forest. After a minute or 30 we didn´t find any so on of the guides went into the water to catch one himself and 10 minutes later he came back with a baby crok. Amazing!

We slept in hammocks hearing all the sounds from the rainforest. Bugs, birds, monkeys and probably many more animals were cracking, tsirping, singing and screaming.

In the morning we went for a 5 hour hike into the jungle to see the old big trees of about 1200 years old. On the way the guide showed us how to make a roof with varaan-leafs, how to make a backpack with the same leafs and the wonderfull fruits and medicine of the forest. Afer more then 2 hours we were in the area were we encountered the big trees. Amazingly big and tall. You´d need 26 people holding hands to surround the tree. Imagine yourself standing 1200 years at the same place, weird ain´t it...

We had dinner (rice and beans) and went back to Alter do Chão. We saw a beautiful sunset and in Alter do Chão we celebrated that we were back to civelization with some beers.

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Fly to Santarem


semi-overcast 29 °C

In the morning we packed, went to the airport by bus, and flew to Santarem. All my landings so far were soft, however, this pilot was a newby and landed the plane with a harch smack on the ground. We bounched and amost had to make a take-off again as the engines were throttled to full power after the smack. But we stayed on the ground and everybody was relieved nothing happend.

We took the bus to Alter do Chão and searched for a hostel. As we dropped our stuff and went into town we met Marnix (Zierikzee) and Chistos (England), we eat a pizza and decided we´d go into the rainforest with the four of us the next day.

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Getting ready for the rainforest


semi-overcast 28 °C
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Totay was no special day. We were stuck in Belem for another day as we could only buy a ticket to Santarem leaving on tuesday. So we had time to explore the city, do laundry and buy some stuff for the Amazone. Flashlight, poncho, new sunglasses (my 4th allready this trip), anti-musquito spray enz. In the hostel we met three aussie guys and watched ´Lier, Lier´ and played poker, I won 40 reais!

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Biggest ride so far

Saturday and Sunday

rain 28 °C
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Saturday 6 am, I´m done brushing my teeth, we´re (together with Andreas, London and Boris, Tel Aviv) on our way to the bus. First bus is a 4x4-drive bus that takes us back to civilization. There we took a second bus back to Fortaleza... We arrived in Fortaleza at 3 pm and from there we had to take a third bus to Belem. We left Fortaleza at 5:30 pm. , drove trough the night and day to arrive in Belem at 7 pm. 37 hours of busses... and my mp3 player stopped playing after 10 hours... and the tv in the bus showed stupid music videos... and there was a crying baby aboard... and... and ... But we´re in Belem! took a taxi, dropped our stuff, went into town and saw a amazing Reggae band from California. Now I was really tired and slept really good.

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Hanging around in chillmode

wednesday, thursday, friday

semi-overcast 30 °C
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We had loads of fun with the people I met here, so I just forgot about time a little bit. We went to the beach couple of times, saw amazing sunsets, went to a club and saw sunrise again. On thursday afternoon there was this beach party with a lot of dancing, drinking and eating...

And then it was friday in an instance... My plan was to go to Belem on wednesday night... So now I have to get a bit serious again and plan my trip to Belem. Three weeks of holiday left to see Amazone, Pantanal and Iguaçu Falls.

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