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One more day of sight seeing


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As we woke up quite early, for a post-party-morning, we could still see the museum about the independence of Brazil in 1822. Then we walked a long way to get to the house of Fernanda's friends to eat dinner with them in a nice pizzeria, however there was a cue and you received a waiting number. We had 71 and the waiter came to call the next table, number 42... Damnit, we went to another place, had a kind of pizza there and drank a couple nice beers. As we were really tired at midnight we had to sleep, said goodbye to Cris and the very last full day of my trip had flushed down the drain...

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Party time


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In the morning at 11:30 I arrived in Sao Paulo, where Carlos and Cris were waiting for me. I could stay at Carlos' so for the last time, dropped my stuff and went into town. We went to the park were we also met with Fernanda and friends. Stayed and chilled in the park until it was time to get coffee and food. We had nice smalltalks and waited for the night to come. We had to go out to a nice club to celebrate the end of the trip. We found an open bar, that ment pay R$30 (about 10 euros) and drink whatever you want. In the meanwhile they had 3 DJ's playing house. In my ears that was a great party, and it was. Off course the DJ's weren't so well as in Amsterdam, but still nice. In the early morning we were finally asleep.

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Chilling in Foz


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Woke-up, #oohf' hangover, this would be another chilling day. Had a slow breakfast, and dove in the pool until I was hungry again. So, it was time to go into town where I had a buffet lunch. In the afternoon I picket up my laundry which I almost forgot and mailed with Carlos to meet him again in Sao Paulo. Arranged a bus ticket for the night and so I left the last place of my trip trough Brazil at 19 o'clock. Sad moment...

The bus trip was alright however, on the bus were a lot of resellers, doing some illegal smuggling from Paraguay. There they buy cheap watches, cell phones and more electronic stuff, smuggle, and sell it for more in Sao Paulo. But what happened as the police came to search the bus. The police thinks they earn a little wage and want more, so they call a price the resellers have to pay and they do. One of the resellers was walking trough the bus collecting cash. I was amazed by the business, though it was nice to see the corrupt police in a personal situation like this.

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the amazing Iguaçu Falls


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Yesterday-afternoon, Mieke, a belgium girl I met in Manaus walked into the hostel. Funny and nice to meet her again. So, today we went together to the Argentinian side of the Iguaçu Falls. Yeah, i´ve been to Argentinia! We didn´t go with a tour as we were quite adventurous today, and we were send the wrong way two times. After an hour of searching and asking we were at the border. Stamped our passports and went with two other busses to the Iguaçu Falls. Really nice - but touristic - park with walking paths leading to the best spots. We had some close-up and panoramic views and the buldering sounds were overwhelming.

For a touristic price we could go on a boat and go into the waterfall, so we did... we were tourist afterall. Really nice to feel the power of the water so close. So after 3 rounds we went to the little beach were the fish sucked on your toes, saw loads of butterfllies, and pictured pretty birds that found the attention of the camera´s rather interesting. Not to forget the Coati Racoon that wanted to rob my backpack with cakes... Funny creatures. There were so many nice spots that at 5 we didn´t see it all, we missed one far end of the falls, but we were tired, ate icecream and went back to the hostel.

Mieke left allready and I met two new dutchies from Tilburg, drunk, drank, and had more drinks.

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on my way to Foz do Iguaçu


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Last night at 20 hours, I took the bus to Foz do Iguaçu. I was tired as a dead dingo so I could sleep lots of time in the bus, and in the morning I arrived in the hostel. Wrote all this stuff about the last couple of days and try to do some laundry in the afternoon... Lazy day.

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